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Mosaic from Ephesus

An appealingly pacy adventure set in a rarely attempted period of history, The Half-Slave excels in gritty atmosphere and believable characterization. Fans of historical fiction will appreciate Bloom’s well researched and immersive take on a seldom-used period setting, whilst those seeking a traditional adventure will find his deftly-paced narrative and exciting fight sequences more than justify the entrance fee. Highly recommended.

Simon Regan

Trevor Bloom’s research is impeccable. He works hard to avoid the clichés. The Saxons are not bellowing, mead-swilling berserkers, the Romans are neither hard-bitten legionnaires nor are they effete patricians, and the Franks are not barbarian clods pretending to be Romans. Each character is fresh and vivid. We experience the squalor of Fifth Century life, the uncertainty of the food supply, and the very first clashes of Christianity against the Germanic gods. A theme is that civilization is a hard won ideal, and that there were times in history when the forces that drove us apart were stronger than the forces that kept us together. I would heartily recommend this book to people who love a good adventure and those trying to understand that critical period in western history when the old Roman ways were supplanted by newer, rawer forms of government.

L. Greg Graham, The Historical Novel Review

This is a compelling read, with flawless characterization. Ascha is a beautifully tormented hero. His lack of status makes him vulnerable, even as he picks up his first weapon. He falls clumsily in love, betraying his youth, and stumbles between factions, through violence and bloodshed, and we are beside him the whole time. Allies and foes materialize out of the marsh fog and seemingly change shape, the most notable being the villain Overlord, Clovis: deliciously sinuous in ‘soft, doeskin boots.

Jane Batkin, Level 4 Arts & Culture Magazine

I found the story gripping and avidly read on late into the night. I thoroughly recommend it as a good read in its own right and as background to anyone with an interest in this period.

Tim Thompson, Slingshot, journal of the Society of Ancients

The realism in the characters and situations, and deftly woven plot strands made this a gripping story.

Janet Williamson, The Historical Novel Society

Thoroughly convincing recreation of an entirely different era which kept me fascinated by the characters and wholly involved in the fate of the hero…Some gripping situations and moral dilemmas. I found it increasingly hard to put down, so a lot of midnight oil…A very plausible recreation of an important period – the beginnings of France and England. The ‘romantic’ interest is well managed and the confusion of the post-Roman period comes over but the author manages not to let the story become too confusing… A refreshing lack of idealisation – even of the hero. I believed in the characters and the the action scenes were excellent.

Hookline novel competition judges

What I want in a book is for it to take me someplace I’ve never been before and that’s exactly what Trevor Bloom does. Bloom delivers a fascinating amalgam of history, race, geography, politics, family, love and war, and he does it all with good old-fashioned plot, something sadly missing in many of today’s novels. When you consider the challenges of setting a book in this place and time… this really is remarkable storytelling. I hope more people in the United States find and enjoy The Half-Slave.

Steve Thayer, New York Times bestselling author of The Weatherman and The Wheat Field

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